Fiona Cranky at Tara Oops!

Fi worked in morning, went to Waitrose bought some wine to replace Margaret & John's that we drank while they were away.  I ate heaps of cheese on the promo stand, Fi got pissed off with me, returned the video, came home, I got showered and dressed for a night in London (Islington).


Fi worked another hour, went for my 3pm interview at Generations, went well, got on with them, in my plastic party pants, that was cool, came home, Fi got ready, we left 4:30pm, Anne, Margaret, John & boys arrived from their holiday in Bognor.


We were driving 15 mins, Fi forgot her coat, we returned to pick it up then headed off again.  We got to Hillingdon Station 6pm and Angel 7pm, 1 hour late, Helen & Kevin were waiting for us, pub crawl, Indian dinner then back to Helen's for party, we crashed there the night.